What is Adobe Illustrator

What is Adobe Illustrator

Illustrator What is Adobe Illustrator

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When uses approached me and want to learn Adobe Illustrator one of the first things they ask me is what is Illustrator what the answer if you will is that illustrator is a vector-based drawing and illustration program and leaves them knowing even less about what else we are really is to explain what illustrator is a picture is really worth 1000 words beginning this video with the restaurant or vector.ai file already open on my computer and this is really just a basic piece of artwork with two images of the same boy now understand however the difference here we need to zoom in on this artwork zoom to zoom in on the head of the boy on the left you can start the sea that maybe this or work isn’t quite as clear as what I had thought it was that’s going and continue to zoom in zoom in further and further you’re going to know this that once I get deep down under the covers hear that this artwork is made up of pixels so this is a pixel or raster based piece of artwork this is not really the type of artwork illustrator is best at training others times when you will want to create raster based artwork the crux of illustrator and the whole purpose of what else Rita can do is affected it can create Zoom back out on a document and move over here to the right example of this boy summer zoom in on his head as well and that looks pretty good but continue zooming in on the section of this boy and you’re going to know this that the further I zoom in the artwork continues to be crystal clear and that is the type of artwork illustrator is best at creating creating vector based artwork and when we say vector-based artwork we really talking about the fact that are artwork is made up of pads instead of pixels in one more time or controls you’re on windows and artist zoom in on This Boy’s head once again so the difference here is that if I click on my Direct selection to or the white arrow tool you’re going to notice that if I click on his hair for example that this component is a vector piece of artwork that can be manipulated so for example I can’t click on when he’s anchor points and can a move his hair down on do that flick off that I click on the phone again and you know so we can actually reposition parts of this artwork change his hair here to make his hair kind of move over here a little bit more curvy but we can manipulate this artwork now conversely when we come over



here to a raster based piece of artwork as I click on this with the same too it’s really just one big component because the job is to work with these individual vector-based components in this is one big rasta base component photos or all raster based like the one on the left and therefore you’re really unlimited to Atlas traitor can do to a raster based image however with vector based artwork we are not dealing with pixels with dealing with pants start work if I click on this and I scale it up and it’s going to hold the shift key and scale this up to make it larger and you’re gonna notice that as I keep making this larger the image quality is significantly going to decrease so when you’re dealing with Mr based artwork you are somewhat limited as far as how big you can scale your at working what you can do with it with vector based artwork on the other hand I’m going to go ahead in Marquis this whole piece of artwork and then I was going to hold down shift and scale this in the same way the difference here is that vector-based artwork is really done using mathematical calculations and so vector-based artwork is essentially infinitely scalable I can scale vector-based or work up as big as I want to and the quality is still going to be just as good as it was with the original artwork so you mean as yourself what type of artwork do I create with illustrator well so many more common types of work is logos illustrations and other types of artwork of many different signs what you generally will not be creating using illustrator is photos so photographs you take with a digital camera or even that you’ve scared then using a scanner really don’t have much of a meaning inside of illustrator for a few common types of manipulations you may do such as converting the photo to Vector based artwork I hope this brief explanation is answered some of your questions and you don’t have a more comprehensive understanding of what exactly it was straighter is and how you might be able to use this amazing program to create your own artwork

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